With the current economic conditions and limited resources everyone is looking for economical ways to resolve disputes.  Mediation has rapidly become the "day in court" people are looking for.                                                                                 Mediation Consultants offers customized solutions to meet individual needs whether that is 30 minutes, 3 hours, or a day or more of mediation.
                                                                            Our goal is to provide flexible and interactive communication strategies, inclusive, face-to-face, or electronic communication to provide the best overall negotiation support to facilitate dispute resolution.                                                                                                                                   Mediation serves to bring closure to the past and focus on the future through dispute resolution.
Supporting alternative dispute resolution throughout Tennessee, Mediation Consultants focuses on finding agreements through cooperation and acceptance. 

We use facilitative communication to help move parties through the process until they find common ground. 

Unlike Lucy and Charlie Brown, facilitative communication assists parties look for mutual solutions not promote one party's win to another party's loss. 
While communication approaches are tailored to the parties involved all strategies should include:
  • Being prepared
  • Facilitating openness and candor
  • Exercising patience
  • Encouraging compromise             
Effective communication strategy is the foundation for successful dispute resolution.

  "A good settlement is       better than a good           lawsuit".

- Abraham Lincoln



        Our mission and business philosophy is simple.  Mediation     

  Consultants assists with individuals, attorneys, bar and community

  associations, and businesses by being a resource for them to

  call in providing mediation services to those who need it.


Closure to the Past.

Focus on the Future.

Building a communication foundation so parties start to explore options to find mutually acceptable answers to their disputes.  Parties leave with agreements thatmeet legal requirements and have proven to double the likelihood of fulfillment of the agreement terms.